Industrial Painting

Wall Painting

Just as important as painting a ceiling is painting a wall. As an industrial painter, Pesada Painting has stated its opinion on the importance of industrial wall painting on several occasions. Although at first it may seem that industrial or manufacturing business is unaffected by the upkeep and condition of the factory, it is in fact one of the most important factors for potential customers. In a world as competitive as todays', every advantage is worth obtaining. Both employees and customers for many reasons seek after a clean, bright, safe workplace.

Factories/manufacturing plants that plan to have their ceilings, roofs and exteriors painted should also very strongly consider having their walls painted. One of the most cost-effective ways of improving the overall appearance of an otherwise dark, dingy, grimy factory is by hiring an industrial painter to take care of the walls. In fact, most of the factory repainting jobs are interior, specifically wall painting. As an industrial painter, Pesada is meticulous when choosing both the type and colour of paint to be applied.

Common industrial settings that could benefit from wall painting/repainting:

  • electronic component manufacturers
  • large distribution centers
  • industrial & commercial equipment storehouses
  • metal industry
  • pharmaceuticals & biotechnology labs / production facilities
  • automotive component fabricators