Industrial & Commercial Painting Contractors – Barrie, Ontario

Storage Tank, Silo & Cooling Tower Painting

Pesada Industrial Painting has experience painting a variety of heavy industrial machinery and equipment. We have coated & painted storage tanks, silos, cooling towers, basins, industrial steel structures and metal support beams. Industrial painting is important for both attracting new clients as well as maintaining a pleasant corporate image. Barrie, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, New Market & other parts of Toronto are where we carry out most of our industrial and commercial painting work.

Industrial Roof Painting

Roofs are always taking a beating from the natural elements, most notably sunshine, wind, rain, snow, sleet & hail. Areas of the Greater Toronto Area like New Market, Barrie, Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax & Whitby are subject to a fair share of sunshine over the year. To effectively protect and coat your roof from these inevitable deteriorating forces, Pesada Industrial Painting recommends the application of a high-quality roof coating. Industrial roof painting is one of our most popular industrial painting services, as it can significantly reduce roof repair & maintenance costs.

Industrial Painting Services

Pesada Painting is known for efficiency & being able to deliver quality results every time. With new industrial painting contracts being secured in Barrie, Ajax, Pickering & New Market, Pesada confidently strides forward in the industrial painting industry. Below are a few of the offerings pertaining to industrial painting services:

  • storage tank, silo, basin, cooling tower painting
  • industrial roof painting
  • epoxy floor coating
  • industrial ceiling painting
  • electrostatic spraying
  • surface preparation
  • industrial metal structure painting
  • etc.
Barrie, Ontario Facts:
  • Sir Robert Barrie was in charge of the naval forces in Canada,the city was named after him in 1833
  • F4 tornado, One of the most violent and deadliest tornadoes in Canadian history struck Barrie on 31 May 1985
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