Commercial Painting

Interior/Exterior Painting

Painting interiors and exteriors of commercial buildings is something we are very familiar with. From car washes to laundromats, Pesada Painting does it all. Our commercial painters are trained to meticulously prepare each interior surface for the paint job. They will tape, cover objects and floors, sand blast, shot blast, degrease, scrub, clean, scrape, collect and pressure wash any debris, dirt, grease, pollutant or obstruction that may interfere with the finish of the paint job.

Stucco, brick, structural steel, vinyl siding, metal siding and wood are all exterior surfaces that Pesada Painting has coated in the past. We expertly select the right coat and colour for each type of exterior material, ensuring product compatibility. Pesada takes pride in being a top quality commercial paint solution provider for projects of all scales. We take special consideration to ensure that our work does not interfere with yours. The team of commercial painters, here at Pesada, is flexible and accommodating, so as to give our customers business practices first priority.