Institutional Painting

Interior Painting

The benefits of repainting a library, museum or school cafeteria are often subtle but certainly not mundane. Enhanced visual appearance, brighter colouration and an overall more appealing atmosphere are just a few of the many changes that both staff and customers will appreciate. In addition to the aesthetic perks of institutional painting/repainting, there are a number of safety and damage prevention benefits. Interior institutional painting can prevent material decay, leaking and general damage caused by the external forces of nature.

Sometimes, interior institutional painting projects are not requested for such technical reasons, but instead, for the purpose of maintaining a modern look and feel for a building. For example, a school that has recently changed its sports mascot or school colours will want to propagate the trend throughout its buildings. Elementary/middle/high schools, Colleges, Universities and post-graduate school buildings commonly adhere to a pre-determined, council chosen colour theme that must be maintained throughout the campus.