Industrial Painting

Pesada Painting is a family owned & operated industrial painting company committed to delivering quality paint jobs and exceptional customer service. ¬We are flexible, accommodating, workable and worthy of your trust. Our industrial painting rates are reasonable, our estimates are honest and our methods of painting are quick, effective and long lasting. We service the following building types/structures in regards to industrial painting:

  • building exteriors
  • floor lines & markings
  • metal deck ceilings
  • metal siding & metal roofing
  • plants and manufacturing facilities
  • structural steel
  • warehouses & storage facilities
  • food industries
  • signs & graphics
  • equipment & machinery

There are usually stages to the industrial painting process, and they must be followed and carried through diligently to ensure optimal results. This is something that we have learned over decades of experience in the industry. The 3 most common stages of any industrial paint job are; surface cleaning, surface priming and high-volume spray painting.

Surface cleaning includes ridding the chosen work area of any loose debris, chipped paint, grime, grease or dirt that may cause potential problems during the industrial painting phase. This is usually done in one of the following ways:

  • pressure washing
  • sand blasting
  • shot blasting
  • abrasive blasting
  • water/dry ice blasting

Once the surface to be painted has been cleaned, it needs to be primed. Every industrial paint job, in fact, every commercial/institutional paint job, requires surface priming. This is where a protective coating is applied to the surface, and depending on the base material, a different coating may have to be considered. Surface priming is one part of industrial painting that is absolutely critical in extending the life of metal equipment and surfaces. The third and final stage of any industrial painting project is the actual spray painting, typically in high volume.