Industrial Painting

Steel Structure Painting

Most of the exterior structures that Pesada Painting deals with are fabricated of steel or iron. Industrial painting projects, more often than not, involve the priming, refinishing and painting of large steel structures such as chemical facilities, storage tanks, silos, oil refineries, pulp & paper plants and docks. Unprotected structures tend to rust extremely quickly and can be very costly for businesses to repair/replace. For this reason, is it mandatory that enough attention, budget and consider be given to prevent such industrial problems.

Look to Pesada Painting to protect your industrial investment by coating your steel structures, cranes, docks and other equipment. Our industrial paint systems are based on the most recent technologies, ensuring efficiency, durability and longevity. Industrial painting projects often include painting exteriors, walls, roofs, ceilings and steel structures with primer, undercoat and finish coats. Each coat of paint is an additional layer in the protective system, and has a specific function.

Industrial painting is critical for steel structures such as:

  • steel domes
  • sports facilities
  • distribution centers
  • single-story frame buildings
  • portal frame buildings
  • towers
  • reservoir roofs
  • staircases

Pesada Painting, a successful industrial painter, knows the value of coating & painting all types of metal as a preventative measure. Such materials include, but are not limited to:

  • stainless steel
  • hasteloy
  • cast iron
  • ductile iron
  • aluminum
  • carbon steel
  • wrought iron
  • galvanized steel
  • and more