Industrial Painting Company - Peterborough, Ontario

With more than 40 years of commercial and industrial painting experience, Pesada Painting has the knowledge, manpower and industry experience to produce a great quality painting finish.. As industrial painting contractors, our aim is to minimize disruption to your usual business during our painting projects..

Pesada Industrial Painting is your one stop shop for all of your commercial & industrial painting needs.. Our team of industrial painters is mindful when they work; they ensure that very little, if any at all, disruption is caused to your regularly operating business schedule. . Among our industrial painting services are such services as pressure washing, industrial wall painting, commercial roof painting, electrostatic spraying, parking garage painting, retail store painting, epoxy floor coating, non-skid coating and other related services.. We have primarily focused our industrial painting services to businesses located in Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Coubourg, Baltimore, Curve Lake, Lindsay, Minden, Millbrook, Lakefield, Warsaw & others and other parts of Southern Ontario.. As established painting contractors, we stand behind our work, and this sets us apart...

During our time in the commercial and industrial painting business, we have completed painting projects for a number of industries, including educational, financial, manufacturing, nuclear production, hospitality, banking, retail, restaurants, residency, commercial and industrial storage and more. . Dedicated to bringing our clients the best bang for their buck, Pesada Industrial Painting promises great value at competitive prices.. Contact us today for a free price estimate on your commercial or industrial painting project..

Below are a few of the commercial/industrial painting services we provide:

Peterborough, Ontario Facts:
  • Peterborough has a population of roughly 80, 000 people
  • Notable residents include Jim Balsillie, Les Ascott & Carl Fitzgerald
  • Among a number of colleges, Peterborough is home to Trent University
Nearby cities & towns:
  • Kawartha Lakes, Coubourg, Baltimore, Curve Lake, Lindsay, Minden, Millbrook, Lakefield, Warsaw