Industrial Painting

Exterior Painting

The importance of painting industrial exteriors cannot be overstated. The outside walls and roof of any industrial complex or building take relentless abuse from the harsh realities of weathering. Rain, hail, snow, sleet, wind, airborne pollution and sunlight beat down on the metal surface of your plant's roof, accelerating the natural process of corrosion. Even with the industry's finest anti-corrosive finishes, including galvanization, roof and industrial exterior painting is recommended periodically. Pesada Painting believes in the saying, "better safe than sorry." We have a team of expert industrial painters that have experience with roof sealing & refinishing as part of the entire painting process. Pesada has had nearly 40 years to perfect our approach.

The decay and corrosion of steel and other exterior metals can have a lasting effect on your industrial building and even on your business. As a professional industrial painter, we look at it as our responsibility to advise and warn our clients of the dangers of not having their roofs/exteriors painting and refinished from time to time. Corrosion, leaks, deterioration, rusting and general damage can both be remedied and prevented in the future with our industrial services. Pesada Painting is up for the challenge.