Institutional Painting

Pesada Painting regularly conducts institutional painting, coating and sandblasting services. As is the case for the industrial and commercial sectors, institutions are advised to periodically obtain painting, sealing and coating services as part of preventing building damage, both interior and exterior. Pesada Painting, for the last 40 years, has been in and out of various institutions, such as:

  • Libraries
  • Health care facilities
  • Museums
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Law courts
  • Medical testing centers
  • Elementary, middle and high schools

As a team of professional institutional painters, Pesada Painting understands your needs, regardless of scope or size. Whether it’s a local library or a large-sized university, we strive to work within your budget and time constraints. Hundreds of institutional painting projects have given us the insight, knowledge and first hand experience necessary to develop efficient painting systems. We take pride in the versatility of our painting systems and their long-term durability, as tested over the last 40 years. Pesada Painting is committed to providing you with 100% satisfaction and high quality results.