Industrial Painting

Epoxy Floor Coating & Painting

Over years of heavy traffic, the floors of manufacturing/industrial facilities, warehouses, mills, power plants and storage buildings become tarnished, dusty and worn. There are usually an entire array of workers, machines and trolleys that make their way across these floors on a daily basis. Protective coatings such as epoxy floor coatings can be quite beneficial for the longevity of a industrial buildings’ floor. Pesada Painting has nearly 40 years of experience delivering high quality floor finishes to:

  • warehouses
  • manufacturing plants
  • power generation facilities
  • industrial mills
  • medical equipment manufacturers
  • the agricultural/food industry
  • mines, drillings & quarries
  • plastics & rubber fabricators
  • printing workshops
  • distribution centers
  • water & wastewater treatment plants

Our floor refinishing services include:

  • sand blasting
  • shot blasting
  • epoxy floor coating systems
  • concrete floor polishing
  • power scrubbing of oily floors
  • dry ice blasting