Industrial & Commercial Painting Contractors – London, Ontario

Storage Tank, Silo & Cooling Tower Painting

Pesada Industrial Painting has experience painting a variety of heavy industrial machinery and equipment. We have coated & painted storage tanks, silos, cooling towers, basins, industrial steel structures and metal support beams. Industrial painting is important for both attracting new clients as well as maintaining a pleasant corporate image. London, Windsor, Sarnia, Ingersoll, New Tecumseh, Woodstock & other parts of Toronto are where we carry out most of our industrial and commercial painting work.

Industrial Roof Painting

Roofs are always taking a beating from the natural elements, most notably sunshine, wind, rain, snow, sleet & hail. Areas of the Greater Toronto Area like London, Ingersoll, New Tecumseh, Woodstock, Windsor & Sarnia are subject to a fair share of sunshine over the year. To effectively protect and coat your roof from these inevitable deteriorating forces, Pesada Industrial Painting recommends the application of a high-quality roof coating. Industrial roof painting is one of our most popular industrial painting services, as it can significantly reduce roof repair & maintenance costs.

Industrial Painting Services

Pesada Painting is known for efficiency & being able to deliver quality results every time. With new industrial painting contracts being secured in London, New Tecumseh, Woodstock, Windsor, Pesada confidently strides forward in the industrial painting industry. Below are a few of the offerings pertaining to industrial painting services:

  • storage tank, silo, basin, cooling tower painting
  • industrial roof painting
  • epoxy floor coating
  • industrial ceiling painting
  • electrostatic spraying
  • surface preparation
  • industrial metal structure painting
  • etc.
London, Ontario Facts:
  • Around 1 million visitors annually, visit Victoria Park in downtown London.
  • Archaeological investigations in the region indicate that aboriginal people have resided in the area for at least the past 10,000 years
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